Teen Develops App to Help Others Make Friends at Lunch

A photo of a young boy looking down at the ground as his fellow classmates point and laugh at him.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Bullying is a serious issue as it can have repercussions throughout a child’s life. Study after study has shown that it’s a problem that we have to tackle, and there have been numerous suggestions on just how to do that. We know, for example, that when the “cool kids” take a stand against bullying, it tends to catch on and reduce student conflict overall. We also know that kids can be bullied for almost anything, so finding ways to prevent them from becoming targets in the first place can have a strong impact on a student’s life.

High school junior Natalie Hampton knows that all too well. She spent her entire 7th grade year sitting alone at lunch. She was the target of a lot of bullying and her self-esteem suffered tremendously. Bullies tend to pick on kids who are perceived as weaker than themselves, and the implied rejection of always sitting alone signals weakness.

That’s why Hampton has developed a mobile app called Sit With Us, which allows kids to find table with open chairs that they can feel welcome at. Users can sign up as ambassadors, who are willing to open up their table to new faces, or they can look for tables that have ambassadors. She launched the app early in the school year and is already getting positive feedback on it.

Hampton is an example of a student who’s thinking about the bigger picture and who managed to take her personal experiences of bullying and funnel it into a constructive project. While she’s set an excellent example for other kids, she’s also set an excellent example for educators. Educators have a different perspective on bullying and they usually have a better understanding of the psychology behind it as well. Educators should use their own knowledge to the best of their advantage to help students feel included.