New York Post Writer Thinks Ivy League Schools Are “PC Prisons”

A student walking in Harvard Yard.

A student walks along Harvard Yard.
Photo credit: Jannis Tobias Werner / Shutterstock

Kyle Smith, a writer for the New York Post, published a column about how Ivy League schools are becoming “politically-correct prisons.” In his piece, he defends sexism, rape culture, and even racism. Allow me to highlight some of the “gems” of his article.

He begins by claiming that Ivy League schools are dishing out disproportionate punishments, and that these punishments in turn create “more wusses and tattletales passive-aggressively seizing power by parading their phony wounds.”

One example he gives is that of Harvard’s sexist scouting report.

If you’ll recall, the Harvard men’s soccer team was caught using lewd terms to rate the physical attractiveness of female soccer players. Smith’s take on this is that the administration “vaporized the men’s soccer season because the guys privately commented on the sexual appeal of their female peers, in jokey and disparaging language.” In other words, sexism is total fine so long as it’s done in private. Heh. Male privilege at its finest.

But Smith also thinks that racism is fine so long as it’s done in private. Back in November, members of the Columbia men’s wrestling team were caught in a similar scandal. Private messages were leaked in which the members were caught using the N-word numerous times. They also referred to fellow female students as c*nts.

While Smith says he won’t defend the “crass and juvenile messages” he then goes on to defend them by saying that it doesn’t count as “harassment.” Oh, and he called the people who exposed the messages a bunch of “sour fruitcakes.” Pfft. White privilege at its finest.

Here’s what I would like to say to Smith: It’s not that Ivy League schools are becoming more “PC,” it’s that they’re taking a more firm stance against racism, sexism, and all other forms of discrimination. If you think that’s an issue, then you sir, are part of the problem.


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