Recent Grads Would Take Drastic Measures to Pay off Student Loans

Woman in graduation gear holding up "student loan"

Recent grads would do some pretty extreme things to remove their college loan debt.
Image: Shutterstock

Student loan debt in America is reaching crisis levels as more college-educated individuals are having trouble finding jobs, and it’s taking its toll on just about everyone. That’s why the personal finance site MyBankTracker asked 200 users what they would be willing to do in order to rid themselves of that horrible student debt. Their answers were somewhat surprising, somewhat disturbing, and very much disheartening.

While MyBankTracker did not mention the ages of respondents in the findings, they state that many of the respondents were recent grads ( reports that the median age of MBT users is 32 with an average student loan debt of $34,500). Here’s what MyBankTracker found that many young adults are willing to do to get rid of their debt:

  • Sell their organs. Thirty percent of respondents said they would sell an organ (although they didn’t specify which ones they’d be willing to forego) to eliminate their debt. That means nearly a third of surveyed users would rather be debt free than have their bodies fully intact.
  • Sell their souls to the reality gods. More than half of respondents (55%) would be willing to eschew privacy and star in their own reality show in exchange for a debt free life. Think less monthly payments, more Kardashian.
  • Sell half of their possessions. It looks like personal items are more important than privacy, as 43% said they would sell half of their worldly possessions to pay off their loans. That’s downsizing your apartment and your balance.
  • Partake in questionable studies. Nearly 40% said they would volunteer their health and time to be guinea pigs in questionable medical studies if they paid thousands of dollars. It’s unsure if “questionable” also counts as “unethical.”

One thing that wasn’t popular among respondents: active duty. Almost 70% said “no way” to joining the military, even if they offered to help pay down debt.


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