University of Wisconsin-Madison Formally Dismisses Program Director

UW-Madison Business School logo

The director of the UW-Madison Business School’s BBA Direct Admit program has been dismissed.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a highly competitive business program that is continuously ranked among the best in the country. Prominent Wisconsin School of Business alumni include John Oros, Kenneth Behring, and Carol Bartz, as well as many other successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, financiers, and business owners. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bachelor of Business Administration Direct Admit Program offers vital opportunities to young people pursuing a career in business and contributes to the overall prominence of the college’s exceptional business program.

Despite how competitive the BBA Direct Admit Program has become, internal issues with the former program director have recently posed challenges to the School of Business. According to Karen Herzog, a Wisconsin-based journalist who covers higher education issues, “The business school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison no longer has a director for a program that admits academically accomplished high school students directly to the highly competitive Bachelor of Business Administration program.”

Reportedly, former director Jeffrey Sawyer was fired amid allegations of a confidentiality breach, in which he shared student application materials. Additionally, Sawyer is accused of guaranteeing admission to prospective BBA program applicants before their applications were submitted. This allegation was outlined in a March 6 letter from the school, which also noted Sawyer’s denial of these accusations.

After being formally dismissed in March, Herzog detailed the less than amicable split between Sawyer and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which has ultimately resulted in the school being without a program director.

Despite the controversy sparked by Sawyer and his professional misconduct, the BBA program still exists as a highly attractive option for high school students looking to get on the fast track to a career in business. One of the most appealing facets of the Wisconsin BBA program is that admitted students are immediately considered for business school scholarship funds, which will help tremendously in their higher education studies.

Learn more about the Wisconsin BBA Direct Admit Program by visiting the Wisconsin School of Business Admissions department.


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